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We are a transport for hire company, which has been moving alcohol for five years in Pennsylvania. 


We currently commute product between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia weekly. Monthly, we consolidate loads, stopping in multiple areas along the way.


All the places that we go are growing by the day. We most likely pass you by on our way, so see how we can add your product to our load today! 

Need assistance with?

  • Delivery to PLCB state stores

  • Delivery to PLCB warehouses (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Scranton)

  • Warehousing your product - long or short term

  • Filling orders for delivery

  • PLCB labeling


Why use Soiree Partners?


We specialize in alcohol delivery so we are experts in transporting it safely. 


Our knowledge of the wine and spirits industry comes from many angles. We understand how the PLCB works  including their requirements for shipments to and from their warehouses, labeling for luxury products and  for licensee deliveries. 


Soiree Partners specializes in helping small to mid-size distributors as well as PA wineries move their product to the appropritate destinations. We are small enough to be nimble and large enough to get it done. 


Get to know our drivers and become a Soiree Partner.


We are fully insured and licensed by the PLCB, New Jersey, and are regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Want to use our services?

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"Using Soiree Partners to deliver to our customers has been a pleasure. The entire staff is always professional, but also very personable and attentive to our needs."

- Ruth & Joe Barsotti

Barsotti Wines

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