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Soiree Partners

Soiree Partners is part of the group of businesses that include Dreadnought Imports, LTD and Palate Partners Wine and Spirits School. We have been in the wine and spirits business one way or another for over 35 years. We understand the ins and outs of the PLCB system, we understand how to pack and transport products and most importantly we understand the frustrations that come with having trucking companies fail to do what they say they will do.


Soiree Partners was started as a service to our Pittsburgh restaurant accounts, which needed their product from the state stores to their locations. It then grew into a delivery company for small distributors of wine and spirits in Pittsburgh who need their product moved to Philadelphia. We then discovered that PA wineries needed additional resources to move their products to the main PLCB warehouses in Taylor, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA.


We are small enough to be nimble and large enough to get the job done. As we add routes and categories of clients in the next few years, we aim to maintain the accuracy of timely deliveries and the flexibility to take on special delivery projects.


We are fully insured and licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


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